Are you guys a rich big fancy company?

No we a couple a guys who love ramen and decided to open a ramen bar in Stockholm.

Do You have gluten free noodles?

No, not at this point. We make our own noodles that conitain gluten. We do however have Donburi on the meny that is gluten free.

Are your noodles home made?

Yes we have a machine from Yamato that we make our noodles with at erstagatan.

We are two people and we want to reserve a table, how do we book a table?

If you are just two people it´s not possible to book. You can just drop in. Usually you will get a table quite quick.. Wait is usually 5 - 20 minutes for two people. If you are a lager group the waiting time could be more.

Can I reserve a table and how does it work?

At Ai Ramen Sofia we have 2 tables upstairs that we offer. The smaller table is for parties between 6 - 7 people. The bigger one is for 8 - 10. To make a reservation send us a inquery at The rest of the tables is only for dropin.

I´m meeting a group of five for dinner at 18.00 but the last two people comes a 30 minutes later. Can we sit down and wait for them at the table?

We only seat our guest when the whole partie are here. 

Im hungry but would like to take your food home with me. Do you guys do Take Away?

Yes, Eather call us at 08-6437180 @ Ai Ramen Sofia or come in and order over the counter.

I would like to bring my stroller into the restaurant, Why can’t I do that?

Due to fire regulations we unfortunately can’t at Ai Ramen Sofia. We have a big bike stand outside where you can park it.  We use to have strollers in the restaurant until we got a reprimand from the fire department 

Do you have a highchair for my kid?

Yes we have.

I have a dog with me for dinner. Is that ok?

Yes, We love dogs as long as you do and you take care of it :)

I would like to pay my bill with cash, is that ok?

We only accept card.

Do you take American Express?

No, not at present time.

I would like you to send me a invoice as payment, is that possible?

Yes but only if the bill is over 10,000SEK

What kind of drinks can I get at your place?

We have a couple of beers from japan and Sweden, a short drink list with Swedish and Japanese influences , some nice sakes we like and short list of wines some favorite sodas and a couple of smooth Japanese whiskys.